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Posted by Tribal - June 15th, 2011

Yeah, just getting that silly, age-old like-list post out of the way.
So, what do you think. Am I well up for least noticed BBS user '11?

Posted by Tribal - October 28th, 2008

- - -WELCOME!!- - -

Due to lack of space in my signature, I made this list of all the people on the BBS who liek me.
]We now work with cool points also, because I don't have anything better to do.
]Simple, you get them by being cool to me and other people here. Start collectin'!

Finally, we have reached the 100th comment on my little list project! :D But I removed lot's of comments as well. You may or may not be aware of it, but newgrounds is chuck full of 13 year olds these days, so yeah, keep up the good commenting work, men!

We also gained a few nutsack little faggy kids who tought they're cool by rebeling against this idea.
I would, via this way also, try to let them know that they may all die. And so may every other ugly annoying 11 year old waste of oxygen. As slowly and painfully as possible please.
(Involving as many horse cocks as possible as well, if you will)

Liek list:


Love (or sechs) list <3:

-mwmike Cool points: 2
-M00SHEEP Cool points: 1
-Tribalfusion-X!! Cool points: 9000+
-Emomudkip Cool points: 16.5

Fail list: (If you're in here, it's for a reason!)

-Vinny99 Reason: Little 12 year old noob who thinks he's better than everyone else, including this page.
-samoht2 Reason: Being a shitty rat ass alt/friend who backs up the cowardly loser that attempted to make me feel bad by spamming my site.
-ttaisawesome Reason: Putting an extremely badly typed textual comment on this page saying that the only 2 losers who ever posted here were winners instead of failers, and then he got pwned.
-Boxheadlord Reason: Being a little rat ass alt/friend who thinks he can actually spam. I mean, seriously.
-LordThunderPants Yup, another banned little rat-ass friend requested to "raid" me. Do check out his comments far below. "Moar liek lordfaggotpants lol" This kid doesn't even deserve caps in his name.
-TheSilverGuitar The fail list, he wanted it.
-EternalMadnessFaggot Hello lolo boy, goodbye lolo boy!
-ChaDMcBaDD The fail list, he wanted it too.


Daily comment: What's up? Hate list removed due to them always ending up in the fail list anyways.

Posted by Tribal - October 27th, 2008

So yeah, I'm 16.
Ain't it awesome? :D

C'mon up, you're all getting a slice!


Posted by Tribal - September 6th, 2008

Welcome to the official NG Store suggestions page. Here you can post your own suggestions that you'd like added to the store within humane reason.
I have personally come up with the following ideas ranked in order:
* Notice: All acceptable suggestions made by other users are made bold and the users have their names next to it, as in the credits!

Tank items:

- NG Tank pants chain
- NG Tank grey metal necklace
- NG Tank poster 27 x 40
- NG Tank preloader pack (online)
- NG Tank mousepad
- NG Tank glow-in-the-dark stickers.
- NG Tank magnets 3 x 3 - 8 x 8
- NG Tank desktop backgrounds
- NG Tank computer theme
- NG Tank paperclips
- NG Tank webcam [Suggested by: Hoeloe]
- NG Tank mug [Suggested by: Hoeloe, Alfie]

Cell Phone items

- NG Tank Cellphone background
- NG Tank Cellphone Cover
- NG Tank Cellphone safety pocket
- Level Icon Cellphone backgrounds
- Level Icon Cellphone safety pocket
- Agnry faic Cellphone background
- Agnry faic Cellphone safety pocket

Misc items

- BBS Poster 27 x 40
- BBS Desktop backgrounds (sizes below)
- BBS Emoticon stickers
- BBS T-shirts
- Agnry faic magnets 3 x 3 - 8 x 8
- Agnry faic napkins
- Level Icon T-shirts
- Agnry faic Paperclips
- Agnry faic mug [Suggested by: Alfie]
- Staff / Character bobbleheads [Suggested by: andhination and mranarchy]

More to come soon, keep posting!

BTW: Credits to all fags who actually took effort to suggest anything:
- Hoeloe
- Alfie
- mranarchy
- andhination

Posted by Tribal - August 19th, 2008

Hello, NG.

Im pretty bored and I thought about writing a story. Although I don't have any inspiration at the moment being. Therefore I thought to ask my beloved and friendly community of newgrounds for help! After all, you're the ones who love and support me, and push me through these hard days of life. I'm going to crop this up a bit, and make it as un-TL;DR'able for you to find. Just give me some decent idea's / concepts for a story, and perhaps something to start off with. After that, I'll make a page noting all those that helped me with this story and gave me ideas, linked from most to least favoured but including all.

Now, start posting ideas, NG!

Write YOUR story ideas!

Posted by Tribal - August 23rd, 2007

Here you are you ungrateful pieces of shit!

Chapter 15 - A dream in doubt

It took merely a few seconds before i started hearing a pair of shoes shuffling over the floor quietly, so i run towards the brown oak closet that's right next to the door and step right next to it. The large doors open and Jenna comes out (Jihad's mother) She looks around her to see where i am because i'm not in the bed where i used to be. With her arm half raised, a silver plateau in it with a bowl of hot noodles or soup... I move my eyes around violently, looking for something i can defend myself with, keeping in mind the doubt wether i should even use it because... This is just an innocent woman! Still kind of a bit strange though... As soon as my right hand gets in touch with something, it makes a fist nearly automatically. It's an umbrella... Oh, great! Well at least it has a sharp point, and could give a minor hit because the middle bar is made out of iron. I dare to take a step, a drop of sweat crawling and slipping down from my forehead, up to my right cheak tickles my sences. My eye twinches... The little drop of sweat falls down and eventually hits the ground. My roll up; directly towards Jenna's face as she turns around swiftly. I'm kind of startled as the sharp look on her eyes nearly nails me into the ground, making my eyes almost tear.

I grab all the bits of courage that i have inside me to murder an innocent woman, i make my fist push harder and veins start to become visible on my hand as i throw the umbrella in the direction of Jenna's face. Unexpectedly the umbrella "changes course" and hits the bowl of soup, spiking it on the side and pushing it forward as it would nail itself on the wall on the other side of the room... shattering it to sharp pieces. "Look out! You almost hit me with that thing! Are you crazy or..." "..." i couldn't bring up any word on my lips and my face is starting to get a little red for what i have done. "Oh, i'm sorry" She sais. "You must still be upset! Well why don't you lay back on the bed and i will give you your medcine." she impies. " But... i don't need a -" "Tut tut tut! You will drink your medicine, it's good for you!" She pushes me down on the bed violently and i barely have the time to pull the cover over me as she aready puts the bowl onto my lips. The steaming hot, thick, green and slimey liquid off wich i've never know it ever even existed, nearly burns my uvula as it slides down my throat. Jenna's hands hold the bowl and my head forcefully tight... "Had..." "Ha..." - "Had a bad dream there did ya?" AAH! I raised up in the bed, leaning on my elbows. That was... Jihad's voice. It's night, and a pretty dark one too. The curtains of the large window are waving as if it was open, but it isn't.

There, another odd thing. "I'll take care of it!" i think, but a bit too loud. I put my hands on the side of the bed and get up. I jump and throw a quick look over my body. "What's happening to me?... What is this place?" I step towards the window to pull the curtains over eachother so they don't catch much "wind" anymore. As i layed my right hand on the left curtain to pull it over, lightning struck in the garden. Footsteps again!... I quickly released the curtain and as what could be concidered as being a spasm, i quickly ran and crawled under the bed, in the fear that whoever was approaching couldn't find me. The door opened slowly, the creeping sound of the door's articulations hunted fear under my skin. I heard a female sounding voice... "Where are you?... There's no point in hiding!" Thunder was crackling and crawling down the sky; probebly to tear another tree or house apart. "SHOW YOURSELF!" yelled the voice. The dull waves of her voice frightened me as the thunder struck loudly on the roof, or so it seemed. "COME TO ME!!" This was certainly not a friendly woman. ...The sharply pointed umbrella! It was right next to me. I grabbed it, for i didn't realise that part of it came out from under the bed. "A- HA!" She screeched. That last bit kind of hurt my ears though, so i pulled my body back a bit. Opening my eyes after being alarmed by the screeching sound of her voice made me see a sharp knife stabbing through the bed! My eyes opened immediately, it felt like it was even an inch! But my shoulders were really shivering in fear when i noticed just those few hairs of mine, tumbling from my head down on the floor.

MM, Chapter 15 Doubtfully a doubtful doubt!

Posted by Tribal - August 11th, 2007

Always wanted a sneak peek on the mythical murder marvel? Here it is!

Chapter 14 is here for you all to read, in before posted in the actual thread OR even the website.

Chapter 14 - Inhumane Continuety

It's amazing that through the transparant pearly tears in my eyes wich i look through with strenght, as they slightly pinch the muscles in my eyes to blink every bit of the time; i can't see daisy's body moving at all. I think by now she should have fallen down on the ground, but surprisingly she is still standing there... Not moving the least. Thought waves about windstrenght and gravitational properties flash swiftly before my eyes... Until courage takes over the actions that i control, and take a first step up to Daisy. Her body took a slight, but noticable twinch... I shuffle closer up to her as quietly as i can, keeping the ideas of unproven theories, the barely moving body of Daisy, and the fact that i could get jumped in the neck by a fierce creature that appears to be some kind of a "Minotaur" fight in my head for a priority place. But the idea that i simply shouldn't be caring takes over a big part of my attention as i lay me right hand on the shoulder of my dear beloveth. I could merely take a short look in the terrified glimp of her eyes when i see that the flesh of her body starts to shake in instability and collapses...

For a second there i thought her bones would be broken, but as she was cut in half and still standing up surprisingly long after such a fierce, instantly killing attack that must have delivered unbearable pain and suffering in agony for as long as it lasted to poor fragile Daisy, she would have to have fallen on the ground in 2 pieces by now but she didn't. The instable patches of skin on her body severed themselves nearly instantly into tiny pieces of... sand?! It's undescribable how she sacked down on the ground and turned in a dusty pile of sand with a pair of jeans and a sweater and bra on top of it, as if it was one big human formed "sand creature" in the form of Daisy that was wearing the clothes... But wait... The button on her side of the wall that she was pushing is completely pressed in! How did she pull that off? I didn't even notice it. I couldn't handle it anymore, it was almost too much for me to bare... But i stood up, took it like a man, wiped off my tears and thrusted my elbow head on to the button on my side. It felt like a small crack inside my arm... Or was that the stone button getting pushed in finally? I don't know, but i don't think i should really care since the door was crackling.

I senced a glare from above me, i could feel that the "Minotaur" was watching me. So i hasted to turn my head, preparing my muscles and my entire body for what would ly ahead; through the door. As i turned my body, attempting to step onward, nearly throwing my attention away from the giant hideous creature, to the plot before me. It took the full turn of my head to notice the light overwhelming me, my sight being crowded... my once "eagle eyed vision" was harshly decreased... 300 feet, 200, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 2, 1, ... It almost felt like i was blinded permanently... A weird feeling in my leg made me shiver and shake all over. ... "You senile old fool! Why didn't you let me..." "Ahh, he was stronger then we thought..." "Weakling, we'll just have to use so..." sounds... fading again... Aaargh! The light! Voices in my head!... The... The LIGHT! It's a mere muscle stretch-taking for me to open my eyes, as i appear in the same room, the same bed, next to the same tiny salon table, with the same psp on it, the same house... I look out the window, everything is exactly what it was like... I hate continuety!... This experience made me yell inside of myself, this will never cure itself... but will it ever end?

The Sneaky Peek.

Posted by Tribal - August 9th, 2007

Interesting topics made by me: (not many, cause i'm bored).

-The Official Pivot Thread. ( Warning! Contains faggots with no lives posting!)

-The Mythical Murder Story topic.
-The Mythical Murder Website (Great success! - seriously, read the replies!)

(I will post all chapters of the mithical murder into this userpage due to great success by being read by users!)